Bring Back Human Intelligence!

“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”– Albert Einstein

Is this happening now?  Was he right?

Technology has become the BOSS of our personal & business lives.  It dictates to us what to do, when, where and even with who.

A luxury? No more, owning technology has become a basic need; we rely on it, and we believe in it. We have allowed technology to consume our lives. Sadly, we aren’t paying enough attention to how obsessed we’ve become, and the negative impact it is having on our lives.

Remember: Technology is a tool, not a goal.

Being involved in a fast-changing, digital community, we often encounter people mixing strategy and technology. People will spend excessive amounts of money on technology every year!

That’s not to say it’s all negative; being up to date with the latest tech is normal. However, owning technology should never have been a goal or achievement. It has always meant to be a tool for learning, discovering, communicating, and most importantly, improving our lives—if it is used properly.

For business, investing in technology does not mean you have a strategy. The motivation for investing in technology should be founded upon building a strategy first with clearly identified, and measurable objectives.

What keeps a business alive is the ability to generate comfortable profit margins.  This strongly correlates with the capacity of understanding, satisfying client needs, and providing the best experience possible.
Now more than ever clients are savvy, and offering new tech solutions is no longer an added value; it is assumed.

To give your business a competitive edge, identify strengths, and leverage them so clients will realize your value.

Businesses are founded on human intelligence to satisfy human needs.  All businesses are solutions developed by humans for humans. Technology has never been part of this relationship. 

When human intelligence is cast aside (man power & client awareness), the trust is lost between a company and their clientele.

Put human intelligence at the forefront, and technology in its rightful place also.



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