Get Started On Your Adapted Digital Roadmap

Are you dealing with fast growth pains?

Management misalignment

Excessive hiring

Lack of productivity

Cash flow challenges

And would like to achieve

Increased Revenue

Improved Client Experience

Increased Profitability

Improved Efficiencies

But you don't know where to start…

Technology implementation

Process optimization

Tasks automation

It’s too expensive

Start with a Digital Roadmap and here's why

A digital roadmap will give you a clear, step-by-step process for defining, selecting, and implementing the right solutions at the right time for your business.

Stephen Dixon, CEO - Grimross Brewery 

“The Digital Roadmap is going to help us more precisely anticipate demands and operate more smoothly. We now have a clear path forward so we can focus our attention on the right areas. Digital transformation will allow us to provide more consistent service to our customers, and it will help us improve our operations by working smarter.”

What makes a digital roadmap A REAL GROWTH HACK?

Create a digital roadmap adapted to YOUR business 

Improve operational efficiency by propelling company’s growth through clear action steps, timelines & budgets.


The adapted digital roadmap identifies the organization’s issues that digital transformation could quickly address by stating clear action steps, timelines & budgets.  


The main role of a digital roadmap is offering guidance by identifying initiatives that will turn existing inefficiencies into real growth opportunities.  


To do so, the whole team needs to be aligned around the key objectives that are often the strategic goals of the organization. 

Marc Schurman, CEO – Atlantic Grown Organics 

“My best takeaway in the process of creating our company’s digital roadmap was how much time we really are spending managing data.” 

This is our process to create team alignment and deliver an adapted digital roadmap to your organization: 

The discovery session allows our team to engage with you and understand your current challenges; their impact on the organization & clients. 

The digital maturity assessment (DMA) creates a solid & clear baseline of the organization current digital maturity and identifies the next steps to grow it.

The design thinking session enables a deeper dive in the pain points to determine their root causes.  The key stakeholders come out of it with brainstormed solutions to solve these challenges. 

The digital discovery step helps verify the root causes of different pain points from a technology perspective and assess the feasibility of the different solutions brainstormed in the design thinking session.

iTransform team (business & technology) get together to match the different pain points with the different solutions that will help the organization achieve its strategic goals.

The adapted digital roadmap outlines what initiatives need to be executed; how, when and by who. The digital roadmap also includes quantifiable financial and timeline metrics metrics to measure the success of each identified initiatives. 

Guillaume Ross, Business Development Management – Toner Realty 

“This process allowed us to unite the team by isolating specific topics with KPIs.”

Why create your digital roadmap with iTransform? 

Since 2018, iTransform has been working with small & medium size businesses (SMBs) in Canada to deeply understand their needs and reality. This allowed our team to develop a unique methodology that helps organizations achieve Quick Wins® in their digital transformation process and most importantly without disturbing their day-to-day activities.  

The Quick Wins® methodology helps small & medium size businesses (SMBs) plan & execute their digital transformation journeys in a SIMPLE, PRACTICAL & AFFORDABLE way. 

The Quick Wins® methodology aims to leverage existing strengths within SMBs; identify existing weaknesses and turn them in real growth opportunities when matched with market opportunities & strategic objectives.

What you get when you work with us? 

Our clients' satisfaction level with the Digital Roadmap process:


When working with you, these are our GUARANTEES


When creating your digital roadmap; we adapt it to YOUR reality and YOUR needs. We don’t offer ‘flashy’ solutions; we offer customizable solutions that you can rely on for long-term success. 


To ensure you achieve your goals; we create a digital roadmap driven by your business objectives and not by digital solutions. 


Creating digital roadmaps adapted to the reality of SMBs takes a lot of research, learning and testing… we are proud to say that our team specializes in creating adapted digital roadmaps for SMBs since 2018. We have results to prove it!


Our fully bilingual team will work with you throughout all the steps of the process including the final roadmap; in both official languages (French & English). 

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital roadmap identifies needs for different digital solutions that help grow revenue; improve efficiency; enhance client experience; enhance employee engagement. The adapted digital roadmap identifies the organization’s issues that digital transformation could quickly address by stating clear action steps, timelines & budgets. 

Different types of projects and initiatives have been identified for our clients according to their own realities (their strategic objectives; their budgets; their previous digital investments; the needs of their clients and employees). 

These digital solutions can be: e-commerce; process optimization; ERP; CRM; digital marketing; branding plan; strategic plan; e-training; back-office digitization; cyber security; data and analytics; etc.  

The main role of a digital roadmap is offering guidance by identifying initiatives that will turn existing inefficiencies into real growth opportunities.   

We have developed digital roadmaps for clients in different industries: manufacturing (wood; metal, food and beverage), tourism and ICT. 

iTransform team is the first to develop digital roadmaps that are adapted to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Atlantic Canada since 2018. Our team is specialized in the development of digital strategies and have followed dedicated training courses. 

To create a successful digital roadmap; our team, supported by external experts; will identify initiatives tailored to your business reality and objectives. 

We have developed a database of partners who are available to support us in creating a digital roadmap (when needed) across North America. 

iTransform team understands the issues facing small and medium-sized businesses; this is a major force for the creation of a digital roadmap adapted to the needs of each company. Adding to this, our unique working methodology has been rewarded with ISO certification.  

iTransform team is dedicated to business and completely neutral (we are not a distributor or supplier of technologies); We understand that technologies are * tools* and not * goals*, which allows us to produce a realistic and tailored digital roadmap for you. 

The creation of a successful digital roadmap is a co-creation process; we invite various members of your company to participate in the various work sessions that we organize to get them aligned; actively listen to their needs; and identify strengths that the digital roadmap will be leveraging. 

The creation of a successful digital roadmap is a co-creation process; we invite various members of your company to participate in the various work sessions that we organize to get them aligned; actively listen to their needs; and identify strengths that the digital roadmap will be leveraging. 

The resources assigned to your project are based in Canada. 

Collaboration takes place mainly through virtual meetings; emails. If a need for a face-to-face meeting or travel is identified at the start of our agreement; we will take care of it as agreed. 

Once our work proposal has been validated and your engagement plan accepted.

If the strategic members of your company make themselves available; this process lasts 20 business days. 

Fixed – The price is final and is not subject to change, unless the nature of the service changes. 

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