How to Map Your Way to Business Modernization That Works

When you decide to modernize your business, you embark on a journey to some place you haven’t been before. But just because you’re traveling toward unexplored territory doesn’t mean you can’t create a map to take you there. A detailed digital roadmap makes the difference between digital initiatives that yield real results and those that disappoint.

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The straight goods on business analytics

Done right, data analytics can boost performance across every aspect of your business. But before you get started, it’s important to separate the hype from the reality so you and your team don’t get overwhelmed. Use the SMART framework to set yourself up for analytics success.

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Cloud sharing and connection

5 Digital Solutions to Help Your Business Take Off

It's long been the case that nimble businesses are the ones that come out ahead. And with the power of digital technologies and the modern age, this has never been more true. Indeed, just about any business today can benefit from digital solutions that can revolutionize how they do business.  After all, if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it's that the businesses that leaned more on technology were able to absorb the quick changes that disrupted most businesses and if you look at the winners and losers in the time since, it's easy to see how digital solutions and the adoption of technology can help you do more even if the world of work is coming to a standstill. But digital solutions aren't just about dealing with change. They can help your business do more while spending less in time and resources, thereby helping to make your business more efficient. Through modernizing your systems and increasing your capabilities, digital solutions can be a driving force behind your next great quarter or year. Transform or Get Left Behind For those that think you'll have plenty of time to work out those kinks and inefficiencies, COVID-19 was a quick lesson in how things can be upended at any point. Those that had the capabilities to nimbly shift…

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Rehumanize your sales process through automation

How much time are your salespeople actually spending on selling? Sales is a remarkably complex human activity. As Daniel Pink points out in To Sell is Human, it’s also deeply connected to who we are as a species. The desire to persuade others to join us in a belief, a mission, or an experience forms part of our identity as social animals. By the same token, success in selling depends largely on our ability to connect with another person on a human-to-human level.  As any seasoned sales rep knows, that means tuning into emotional signals and zeroing in on psychological needs. The best salespeople score high on qualities of emotional intelligence, such as the ability to empathize and to articulate feelings, through tone of voice, gestures, and facial expressions. And many of these highly skilled professionals are stuck behind computer screens for much of their time, prevented from doing what they do best—engaging in human interaction. Although it might sound paradoxical, automation can help improve your bottom line not by dehumanizing your sales process but by rehumanizing it. The ABCs of selling At the most basic level, any sales process consists of three general stages. First, you Attract potential customers, or leads. Then you Build your relationship with them. And finally, you Convert their interest into a…

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What is a digital business?

In today’s world, the question is not whether you should or could become a digital business. Every business that wants to survive must evolve in this direction or get left behind as an analog relic. The key is to transition to this new reality in a way that preserves your core strengths and company identity.

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How do you develop a business modernization strategy?

While the latest tech and processes are driving much of the innovation in Silicon Valley, companies of any size and type can benefit from digital transformation and the business modernization that comes with it. After all, if you're not busy innovating and trying to improve your processes, you're busy falling behind, and the constant drive of your competitors surely won't stop to allow you to play catch-up. Sure, we may think that a certain industry or vertical is immune from disruption. Critics said the same thing about books (Amazon), taxis (Uber, Lyft) and TV (Netflix, Hulu), but that didn't stop those industries from being upended in just a few years with the right technological improvements and efficiencies. But you don't have to be dealing in tech to benefit from business modernization. Digital solutions and the innovation brought by modernization can benefit any company, no matter its size or what it is that you do. That's because whether you rely on people or machines to get your work done, better processes and greater communication, as well as the collection of important data that you can use to make better decisions, is a rising tide that can lift your business. Why you need a business modernization strategy When you're in front of that next problem, instead of clamoring to…

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