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Done right, data analytics can boost performance across every aspect of your business. But before you get started, it’s important to separate the hype from the reality so you and your team don’t get overwhelmed. Use the SMART framework to set yourself up for analytics success.

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5 Digital Solutions to Help Your Business Take Off

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn It's long been the case that nimble businesses are the ones that come out ahead. And with the power of digital technologies and the modern age, this has never been more true. Indeed, just about any business today can benefit from digital solutions that can revolutionize how they do business.  After all, if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it's that the businesses that leaned more on technology were able to absorb the quick changes that disrupted most businesses -- and if you look at the winners and losers in the time since, it's easy to see how digital solutions and the adoption of technology can help you do more even if the world of work is coming to a standstill. But digital solutions aren't just about dealing with change. They can help your business do more while spending less in time and resources, thereby helping to make your business more efficient. Through modernizing your systems and increasing your capabilities, digital solutions can be a driving force behind your next great quarter or year. Transform or Get Left Behind For those that think you'll have plenty of time to work out those kinks and inefficiencies, COVID-19 was a quick lesson in how things can…

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Why Does My Business Need Digital Planning?

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn The digital age has landed upon us some time ago. For those business owners who were hesitant to transition to digital platforms, it is now an integral aspect running in the back of their minds. Everyone knows that they have to adapt to the latest trends in order to be relevant in current times.However, even today many business owners struggle to incorporate digital planning in their strategy for growth. Digital Solutions That Can be Added to Digital PlanningTo begin with, you must have a clear understanding of what is digital planning?  Digital planning involves moving different aspects of your business to a digital platform. There are many types of digital solutions that can be added to digital planning. Below are the top digital solutions you can adopt along with the benefits they will bring. Online PresenceThe days of brick-and-mortar business locations are long gone. Every business now needs to have an online presence. Users are now looking for information on products or services online from the tip of their fingers using their mobile phone.To start with this digital transformation, you need to begin by building a website. Note that it is not just the presence of the website that will help you with the digital solution here but the…

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Are you wasting money on digital solutions without getting results?

Your business is growing, and so is the long list of digital solutions you’re piecing together to try to improve efficiency and take your customer experience to the next level. But it seems that the more cash you pour into digital platforms, apps, and tools, the more time you’re spending on the digital learning curve. When will you start to reap returns on your digital investments? If this sounds familiar, then you may be falling into a common trap: modernizing your business by thinking like a consumer, not a business leader. Consumer thinking will give you flash, not function When we buy technology for personal or home use, we tend to  place a high value on intangible aspects of a product, such as branding and aesthetics. But that’s not necessarily the smartest approach when you’re buying digital solutions for your business. At home, you may want the sleekest, most stylish version of Alexa to coordinate with your sofa cushions. And when you’re out on the town, you may enjoy sporting the latest smart watch—not because you use (or even know how to use) all its features, but simply because it looks cool. The cool factor is worth paying for when the main reason for buying something is to get pleasure from it. But when you’re shopping for…

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