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Have you transformed your business? When it comes to digital transformation, the question is not whether you should anymore but when. Leveraging technology to establish and grow is essential for every business, regardless of how big or small or which sector it belongs to. But how does business modernization work exactly? 

It enables you to deploy technological tools that can help you realize your varied business goals, be it to expand customer outreach, streamline operations, cut costs, reduce errors, understand your customers, make informed decisions, or strategize more effectively.

iTransfrom is committed to making your transition from brick-and-mortar to click-oriented easy, seamless, and of course fruitful. Our extensive pool of service providers has the expertise and experience in catering to businesses in diverse sectors and offers a wide range of digitization services. These range from website and digital branding to content creation and strategic planning to process optimization and customer engagement.

And it’s all very simple to use. Here’s how business modernization works at iTransform:

Step 1 - Submit a scope of work

Submit a scope of work

Detail your needs and contact a curated group of service providers with one click. Whether it is online business, digital strategy and planning, customer relationship management, or eLearning, you’ll find that our providers meet all your needs.

Step 2 - Get preferred, custom pricing from providers

Get preferred, custom pricing from providers

How to modernize your business? Get started by reviewing proposals, asking questions, and making your pick. It’s so much easier when you have access to a wide range of service providers in a singular one-point location – to make business modernization work for you.

Step 3 - Accept and get going!

Accept and get going!

Digitization is just a step away! See progress in your dashboard and reach your goals fast. No guesses in terms of where your business systems’ modernization is at – view progress of multiple functions and tasks from one location so you can easily manage it all.

Step 4 - Pay your pro with confidence

Pay your pro with confidence

Safely receive and pay invoices through our platform. Clear transparent pricing, digitized invoicing and payments, and a safe payment gateway ensure safety and security of all parties.


Support any time you need it

Not sure which challenge to tackle first? Project not going quite right? Your Digital Success Manager will be by your side to make sure things go smoothly.


Fuss-free project tracking

Your personal dashboard lets you see the progress and KPIs for each project and keeps your deliverables neatly organized so you can find what you need at any time.

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C-level guidance without the C-level expense

Get access to a Virtual CTO who will help you map your digital journey and prioritize projects that will move you forward fast while keeping an eye on the big picture, in line with your modernization strategy.


Receive and save custom training - Don’t forget a thing you learned from your pro.

Training to maximize your investment

Your pro will train you on how to make the most of your new digital solution. The training is recorded and stored in your account so you always have it at your fingertips

Importance of Modernization for Every Business

The evolution of computers has changed our world, a little by little initially and then with momentum over the last decade especially as Smartphone usage increased globally. Not modernizing your business can prove to be expensive … and it’s least of all because of the global pandemic that continues to rage on. Customers expect digitization now – it’s not an option anymore.

True, the compelling need for social distancing driven by COVID-19 has completely transformed the way we do business. But even when it dies down, things will unlikely go back to how they were. Ease, speed, and above all convenience will matter above all.

Digitization is not limited to automating tasks anymore. It provides an avenue to reach more customers within seconds and with minimum advertising costs.

Allow your prospective clients to find you by unleashing the power of digital marketing channels and rich content-driven marketing strategies. Let customer buying behavior drive your key business decisions. Allow process optimization to cut costs and improve productivity while increasing accuracy. Enable digitization to improve internal communication and faster collaboration between teams, reaching faster decisions and time-to-market. And do so much more!

Experience how business modernization can work for your business, completely transforming it so you can improve the customer experience, leading to better fulfillment.

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Ready to advance your business with a digital pro?