Tools for building an E-commerce website 

With all the new and advanced technology made available today, building a website has never been simpler. Establishing an online presence for your business is now seen as essential and you don’t have to rely solely on social media; why not create your very own website?!  First you need to understand a website is not a virtual brochure; it is a live boutique that needs to be maintained for proper and effective results. So, when creating or updating your website here is a checklist to keep you on track: Understand and build your client profile - buyer persona What are your business objectives How do you want your customers to view you - brand positioning What type of messaging do you hope to convey with your website - brand messaging What do you expect from having a website - expected outcomes Who are your competitors and what are they doing with their website - competition analysis  What type of content needs to be displayed to meet your business objectives Have the right skillset for website management/ maintenance Internal vs external resources How do you plan on measuring your website performance - metrics  A website can be a powerful tool if leveraged properly. You not only get to control the layout and functionality of the data presented, but you also get to be proactive in building…

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7 Digital Solutions Services Every Company Needs

Your business is unique. You have worked very hard to establish your brand, and to find your place in your market. Even so, your business can definitely benefit from digital solutions, whether you operate in a brick and mortar capacity with a set physical location, or you operate completely remotely. Digital solutions is a wide-ranging concept, so to get you starters, we’ve identified 7 digital solutions services that every company needs.  Before we explore the essential digital solutions services, Let’s define digital solutions as a concept. What are Digital Solutions? At the most simple, a digital solution is a computerized method of doing something that otherwise would have to be done in another–and often slower and more time-involved–way. To put it another way, we’re talking about using technology to help streamline processes or to solve problems. As technology has improved, digital solutions have been developed to handle a huge range of tasks and to solve many different kinds of problems. Remember, these aren’t just tools, they are meant to be SOLUTIONS.  Many businesses have moved from in-person operations to fully remote or flexible work environments. With that shift has come the idea of digital transformation, a sweeping paradigm shift for business operations strategy. As Entrepreneur Magazine explains:  When you commit to digital transformation, you’re enabling your company…


How to Sidestep the Perils of Budgeting for Digital Transformation

Many of our clients are making digital transformation happen by accessing various government funding programs. Those programs want to see detailed financial information, including a “project budget.” How do you create a realistic budget for digital transformation when you know you’re headed on a journey that won’t be a predictable “project”? Here are some guidelines for creating a detailed but flexible set of numbers to persuade funders and keep your team on track.


6 Different Types of Digital Resources for Business

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is well underway. And the most significant change it has brought is the digitization of most business processes. Those who don’t adapt to the changes and fail to adopt digital transformation will lose opportunities to grow their businesses exponentially. That’s why you must implement the right digital resources that will power your business into the future. What are Digital Resources? Digital resources are automated systems designed to digitize legacy systems used to run businesses. A digital resource serves the purpose of helping you increase productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. This results in higher customer satisfaction rates, business growth, and a boost in revenue. Digital Transformation vs. Digital Resources — What’s the Difference As you look into digitizing aspects of your business, you’ll hear two terms being used interchangeably — digital transformation and digital resources. But are these two the same? No, they are not. Here’s the difference between the two: Digital transformation. This is the process of adopting systems, processes, and tools that will help digitize your business.Digital resources. These are the actual tools you use to adopt digital transformation in your business. These include hardware and software and software components as well as cloud-based solutions. Now that you know the difference let’s quickly dive into the digital resources you should…


How to Map Your Way to Business Modernization That Works

When you decide to modernize your business, you embark on a journey to some place you haven’t been before. But just because you’re traveling toward unexplored territory doesn’t mean you can’t create a map to take you there. A detailed digital roadmap makes the difference between digital initiatives that yield real results and those that disappoint.