Work with a Digital Expert to Advance your SMB

Modernize your business with digital solutions that fit your your budget, from planning to reporting & automation.

Work with a Digital Expert

to Advance your SMB

Modernize your business with digital solutions
that fit your budget, from planning to reporting 

 & automation.

The Fastest & easiest way to Modernize your Business:
An Adapted digital Roadmap

Get your roadmap for action that aligns YOUR digital initiatives with YOUR short- term and long- term business objectives.

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So many ways to advance your business

Your roadmap comes with a wide range of digital solutions, from planning & reporting to automation.

How Digital Planning Can Transform Your Business

Digital planning is more than the latest tech buzzword to come across your desk — it’s a transformative opportunity that can help optimize how you do business. If you’ve been looking for the best way to leverage technology but you’re unsure of where to start or what will have the most impact, digital planning can help you develop that much needed digital transformation strategy and roadmap.

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Even if your business exists primarily offline, digital planning can help you make better decisions and evaluate where you’re spending your money so that you can maximize the benefit to the bottom line and how your company’s resources are managed and spent. Particularly if your online and digital capabilities are subpar or nonexistent, a well-executed digital transformation strategy can reign in those budgets while amplifying your brand and voice online and beyond.

How Digital Planning Works

Instead of hiring an entire team of digital professionals, digital planning allows you to leverage the experience you need to help modernize your business without shifting your focus away from the important things that you’re already doing. We’ll help match you with the digital experts that you need without having to review dozens or hundreds of resumes, not to mention the obligation of onboarding.

Just submit a scope of work that details your needs and we’ll put it in front of a group of curated professionals that know how to help. In short order, you’ll receive customized proposals from preferred vendors, all bidding to win the project. There’s no obligation to move forward, but if you see a proposal that works for you, simply accept it and get started on your digital transformation today!

But we don’t just disappear after connecting you to your digital planning expert — you can track progress in the dashboard and see each milestone or goal as it’s met, all the way up until the final deliverable and the completion of the project. Even payment is a cinch with the iTransform platform — receive and pay invoices without logging into separate banking apps or websites, and forget about dealing with convoluted workflows and random platforms just to move a project along.

In addition to comprehensive tracking of projects and milestones, your personal dashboard also features key performance indicators for each project, which lets you know exactly how things are coming along — and it also makes digging up any information or collateral a cinch since it’s all in the same convenient place!

We’ll even provide a Digital Success Manager to help ensure that your digital transformation process goes smoothly. Just reach out if you have any problems and we’ll help you through it. Furthermore, our Virtual CTO also gives you C-level guidance without the C-level expense, which can help you create a digital roadmap and get the biggest return on your digital investment.

When it’s all said and done, your digital planning advisor will train you on how you can make the most of your new digital solution. The training itself will be saved in your dashboard to review whenever you need it, but the information is yours to utilize forever.

If you’re ready to advance your business with a digital planning pro, contact us today and get started for free!

Get the most out of your project investment

Save money with preferred pricing and solutions sized right for your business. Measure your project’s success in a user-friendly dashboard, so you can clearly see the impact of your digital investment.

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