The impact of a digital roadmap on SMBs from different industries

Learn how companies within different industries uses digital transformation to build stronger relationships with their clients and change they way they do business.

About the Study

During several consultations with our clients, iTransform created this study with the aim of educating SMEs to take the first step and be proactive in digitizing their business. With this study, companies will be able to more easily detect problems or symptoms of bigger problems and act proactively before the problem becomes too big or too late.

Top SMBs' Problems

Starting a business is a significant achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge.  Owners realize that they need professional help when they see the damage these problems are causing. Managers and contractors often know the solution to their problems, but do not have the knowledge, expertise, resources or time to fix them themselves. Hence, experts in digital transformation are very important.

Here is a list of the problems frequently encountered by the businesses in our sample:

Lack of efficiency
Missed revenue opportunity
Lack of productivity
Lack of business performance
Loss of revenue/ Lack of profitability
Negative/inconsistent customer experience
Lack of precision in projects

Problems v.s. Symptoms

When experts analyze a company and ask SMBs what their problems are, managers tend to list symptoms of problems. In order to get rid of the symptoms and side effects of a problem, the source or cause must be found. Here are a list of regular symptoms that may cause the root problem:

Lack of Efficiency

  • Management and manual publication of schedules
  • Lack of internal IT skills
  • Obsolete systems
  • Lack of data structures
  • Manual inventory management
  • Manual data collection

Lack of Business Performance

  • Lack of systems integration
  • Manual sales management
  • Obsolete systems
  • No visibility on work performance
  • Lack of sales and marketing planning

Missed Revenue Opportunities

  • Lack of sales planning and management
  • Lack of sales and marketing tools
  • Lack of digital workspace
  • Lack of online sales capabilities

Lack of Profitability/ Loss of Revenue

  • Frequent fluctuation of material prices
  • Lack of project management tools
  • Lack of engagement/conversions on social networks
  • Obsolete brand image

Lack of Productivity

  • Management and manual processing of the payroll
  • Reactive management
  • Lack of manpower
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of digital skills



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Case Studies

The following case studies were conducted with clients who had the opportunity to benefit from digital solutions adapted to their needs and strengths in order to better seize opportunities and achieve their goals

Construction Industry

Cost of Inaction: $486,700*
Investment: $458,200*
Return on Investment (ROI): $598, 816*

A construction company with approximately 300 employees operating in New Brunswick could not operate at full capacity due to:
– mismanagement of current employees
– lack of efficient technology
– inefficient onboarding process
– lack of human resource
– lack of IT knowledge
This led to high staff turnover and a significant decrease in profitability. Overall, it created a frustrating experience for both clients and employees. Thus, the business could not maximize on it’s potential.

On a digital roadmap, iTransform has raised and suggested the necessary actions and tools to adopt so that the company can benefit from an expansion of it’s market shares and increase in its productivity.

Quick Wins

– Leverage the company’s strength with a marketing plan to take advantage of market opportunities and monetize them to increase market shares and revenue.
– Increase profitability with a quoting system to create more accurate, complete and consistent proposals.
– Implement a learning management system (LMS) to improve the experience (customers and partners) and increase overall efficiency.

Advertising Industry

Cost of Inaction: $124,800*
Investment: $65,700*
Return on Investment (ROI): $59,040*

A client who provides traditional advertising solutions needed to modernize it offering to maintain and grow it’s market shares. After the pandemic in 2019 (Covid-19), their business suffered a great loss due to unexpected shifts in the digital world. Traditional advertising became less attractive and, certain processes and technology became obsolete due to restrictive rules. 

iTransform began to identify internal strengths of the clients and match them with market opportunities. The identified solutions were outlined in an adapted digital roadmap that helped the client make quick and effective decisions. Also, by analyzing the current challenges of the market due to Covid-19  and their customer behavior changes, our client was offered solutions that can be adapted in long-run or in the face of unpredicted events.

Quick Wins

– Identified new business model adapted to digital reality
– Supported to secure funding for solution implementation
– Created alignment within the management team to make digital decisions in a seamless way

Food & Beverage Industry

Cost of Inaction: $110,880*
Investment: $55,500*
Return on Investment (ROI): $110,954*

A fast growing brewery couldn’t produce enough beer to keep up with the demand. They knew that they were not operating at their efficiency and that they were leaving money on the table. Because they had no way of predicting how much beer the market could swallow at a given moment, the brewery constantly walked the thin line between overproduction and underproduction.

iTransform gave the brewery a clear step-by-step process for developing, building and implementing a predictive production model – a digital solution that would bring the inventory, sales and production systems into sync.

Quick Wins

– Leveraged and monetized on data gathered by the brewery for multiple years
– Propelled the company’s growth by aligning the management team on their path to success
– Supported to secure funding for solution implementation


Cost of Inaction: The amount that a business is losing by not improving their processes/ strategy (doing nothing).

Investment: Cost to make changes, improvements and modernize your business

Return on Investment (ROI): Indicates or evaluates the credibility of an investment.

*All numbers are estimates and are not intended to mislead you in any way.


Clients’ experiences with iTransform

We knew a digital roadmap was imminent to the company and we knew iTransform had the knowledge needed to execute what was best for the future of Grand Falls Brewing Co. Our experience with iTransform was really professional and personal at the same time! They are GREAT at what they do and we will definitely do business again in the near future.

Denis Gervais Grand Falls Brewing Co. Ltd. (Co-Owner)

Grâce à l’accompagnement professionnel et la grande disponibilité de toute l’équipe de ITransform, nous avons pu mieux définir nos besoins et priorités. C’est en cela que nous avons trouvé une grande valeur ajoutée à l’élaboration de notre feuille de route numérique. L’équipe est très humaine et a su comprendre nos défis en partageant leurs expériences professionnelles. La prise en charge a été très efficace et rapide, ce dont nous avions besoin.

Geraldine Cotte Xtreme Cold (Project Manager)

This process allowed us to unite the team by isolating specific topics with KPIs.

Guillaume Ross Toner Realty (Business Development Management)

The Digital Roadmap is going to help us more precisely anticipate demands and operate more smoothly. We now have a clear path forward so we can focus our attention on the right areas. Digital transformation will allow us to provide more consistent service to our customers, and it will help us improve our operations by working smarter. Across different departments, everyone can now understand how the whole unit can come together to work more effectively.

Stephen Dixon Grimross Brewery (CEO)

Penser au changement n'est pas chose naturelle pour une entreprise en pleine croissance. Mais fait avec méthode, la démarche nous assure à long terme, des économies d'échelle en temps et en coût afin que nous puissions innover plus librement. iTransform nous a aidé à mieux comprendre cet ordre des choses et nous a aidé à élaborer un plan d'action qui nous convient selon nos besoins réels.

Patrick Ouellette TDW Hotel Furniture (Proprietaire)